Terms and Conditions

By submitting the form, you agree to the following conditions:

  1. Harsh weather and/or change of plans can happen. If you must cancel, please call at least 24 hours before your scheduled delivery for a full refund. You may also reschedule and pick another date upon availability. If there is harsh weather (such as: heavy rain, thunder, lightning, hail, or heavy winds) and we are unable to set up your greeting, you will receive a full refund or the opportunity to reschedule.

  2. No refund will be given for mistakes on address or if the homeowner has asked for the display to be removed.

  3. Please protect our display from any damage. If negligent damage or theft occurs to the display, you will be invoiced for replacement items.

  4. Please do not attach balloons to any part of the display.

  5. Please do not move the display. If the signs need to be moved or picked up early, contact us and we will move them or pick up.

  6. It is your responsibility to tell us where to place the decorations. We are not responsible for any damage done to your lawn or injury caused by the decorations.